Water Microfiltration


100% Stainless Steel
Plug & Play Equipment
Low energy consumption
5 years guarantee
No maintenance

TRENNER 2K™ Filter for water filtration

TRENNER 2K is the deluxe version of the standard TRENNER model, and there are numerous differences between the two versions. On the TRENNER 2K, the filter does not pick up plastic pieces, but the filtration is finer, the pump energy lower and the dimensions smaller. Both models offer the same high levels of reliability and cloth cleanliness.

Counter-washing is achieved through the use of large- sectioned nozzles, while the three-ply cloth delivers effective cleaning. Sturdy and well-manufactured, the Trenner 2K requires no maintenance, even when very dirty water is accidentally released into the system.

Wires from 50 to 80 microns are available.