Simeoni saturation system MSU


100% Stainless steel
Plug & Play equipment
Low energy consumption
5 years guarantee
No maintenance

Simeoni MSU system for the relief of existing flotation units

DAF units have a very long life. After decades, many plants are small in relation to the increased flow of water they receive, which in turn has increased following the increase in production of the paper mill.

Simeoni has developed an unprecedented saturation system capable of reducing the inlet flow to “dated” flotation units. The flow rate can be reduced by up to 35%. Consequently, the system, which at the time was sized for a lower flow rate, can work correctly and is no longer undersized.
To achieve this goal, we worked on the heart of the saturation system, consisting of:
  • – Introduction of ambient air into the system
  • – Dissolution of the air in the water 
  • – Release of dissolved air
With the adoption of new dedicated devices, Simeoni has developed the MSU saturation system aimed at addressing each of these three phases individually, obtaining maximum performance from each of them.
In particular, we worked on the intimate air / water contact, on the adequate residence times, on the elimination of the over-saturation air, on the careful air / solids ratio, on the optimal conditions of de-saturation and on the timeline of action of each of these phases.
The result has increased the flotation efficiency allowing the strong rise to the surface of even the most stubborn solids, also reducing the quantity of introduced reagents.
Many customers have already avoided replacing their flotation unit simply by installing the Simeoni MSU saturation system with a small investment and savings in chemical products.