Pulp-quality improvement


100% Stainless Steel
Plug & Play Equipment
Low energy consumption
5 years guarantee
No maintenance

Self-cleaning TRENNER™ Washer/Fractionator for water, pulp and sludge

Easy to operate, high-performance centrifugal Filter/Fractionator, featuring an extremely efficient centripetal cleaning system and special, exceptionally sturdy cloths (2mm thick). As a result, this unit delivers total operational reliability, reducing the necessity for monitoring and maintenance to a minimum.

All this ensures total operation reliability, with surveying and maintenance reduced to a minimum.

The liquid to be treated (water, sludge, pulp, etc.) is sprayed at a light pressure (0.5 – 1 bar) against the rotating filter cloth.

Depending on the mesh size of the cloth being used, the unit delivers excellent filtration or separation of fibres from ink, fillers, mucilage and very fine stickies. Particularly suited to the cleaning of poor-quality pulp. Cloth counter-washing is continuous.