Process Water Recycling and Fibre Recovery


100% Stainless Steel
Low energy consumption
5 years guarantee
"Zero Velocity" System
Inlet Total Suspended Solids up to 3 g/l
Total Suspended Solids reduction up to 99%
COD removal up to 85%

Latest-generation EASYFLOAT 2K™

DAF unit for water clarification and fibre recovery

Without any compromise SIMEONI introduced other innovative features in an endeavour to reach even higher levels of performance. This was the rationale underpinning the design of the new EASYFLOAT 2K DAF unit.

Increased hydraulic flow

A newly configured laminar package. The special configuration of the laminar package makes it possible to achieve true “zero velocity” for the very first time.

Advantages of DAF UNIT EASYFLOAT 2K™

The new EASYFLOAT 2K DAF unit offers the following advantages:

  1. Reduced dimensions by making the most of the laminar package.

  2. Easier to install

  3. Modular structure – installing a small system today will allow you to expand it over time

  4. Possibility to modify or upgrade existing DAF unit, using the special devices MSU

  5. Exploits high technology to deliver first-class performance

  6. Excellent value for money