In our family we have always had a great passion:

that for clean water.

We pursue excellence and we have never been satisfied: we transform steel and our experience into plants made to last, with all the attention of Italian producers and engineers.

Quality and innovative ideas are translated into machines with unparalleled energy efficiency and chemical-physical effectiveness: for us this is true sustainability and we have been proudly carrying it out for almost 50 years.

Meticulous in all aspects of our work we are scrupulous on the quality of the materials and components used: more than suppliers we become partners of our customers, always attentive to efficiency, always attentive to the environment.

“This is the most precious thing man has on earth”

With these words my father, as his father did with him, described to me the clear and freezing water while bathing in a stream when I was just a boy.
Over time, living, I realized that he was right and I should do everything to preserve this value.

Alfred Simeoni