Flotation System description – Simeoni ZVS

During flotation process, suspended solids contained in water are coagulated before entering in DAF unit plant. In this moment the flocs begin aggregation because of flocculant reagent. Simeoni next generation system permits the air is being born in that exact instant, embracing flocs and penetrating into them.

Aired-flocs specific weight is extremely reduced, then the flocs begin to lift toward surface, reaching concentration till 3,5%.

By this lift phase the water must be quiet, in order to permit easy flotation of all flocs.
This phase must not be disturbed by turbulences.



The technology to Zero-Velocity allows that the water comes “deposited” from the bridge-distributor in the flotation area to one speed of towards contrary but of equal intensity of that one of escape of the water.

The direct consequence is a calm water, saturates of dissolved air, that it has all the presupposed ones for an optimal flotation process.

Physical zero setting of carriers of towards contrary and par intensity:


By calm water, without water movement, flocs can reach surface with lower use of chemicals, making SIMEONI DAF Unit able to treat economically large water flows with a wide quantity of solids content.

The Simeoni next generation technology to “Zero-Velocity” allows to catch up the maximum performance with the minimal chemical reagent consumption.